Sonja Wulff Consulting helps executive teams align their people and processes to drive business transformation and achieve desired results. With both operational and consulting experience, president Sonja Wulff leverages proven leadership and management practices to help organizations take the next step forward on their excellence journey.

The Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence, established through the U.S. Department of Commerce, provides the foundation for this work. Contact Sonja Wulff Consulting today to see how she can help your organization connect the dots to excellence.


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Organizational Assessment

Get your organization moving in the right direction through a comprehensive assessment that helps identify and prioritize opportunities for success.

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Performance Improvement

Improve your organization’s performance through tried-and-true methods.

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Quality Award Applications

Thrive in the application process with professional assistance on application formatting and content development.


Our Commitment to You

Sonja Wulff Consulting holds true to a strong sense of integrity in all interactions:

  • What you see is what you get – no games, no smoke and mirrors.

  • Operational efficiency – getting the job done with the least amount of resources.

  • Cultural sensitivity – respecting and embracing each client’s individual culture.

  • Transparency – the truth, even if it’s difficult to hear.

Also, recognizing the resource constraints all organizations face, Sonja Wulff Consulting is committed to being practical. That means:

  • Translating the work into your language and embedding it in your daily operations.

  • Leveraging your existing infrastructure and systems.

  • Teaching you “to fish” so you can sustain improvements.